Ram Driver Acts Heroically

Some of you may have heard about the story above and about the Ram Truck driver turned hero.

A teenage boy chose the wrong day to take a dangerous joy ride with his grandfather's Hyundai because luckily Bryson Rowley was there to intervene. The boy, in an attempt to evade the police, took the car speeding through a park full of playing children, nearly hitting the group. When the on-lookers saw the car was about to turn back for what looked like another swing through the park, Rowley wasted no time in getting into his Ram 2500 and driving into the street to use his truck as a barricade to protect the children.

Rowley, when asked what sparked him to risk his own safety, explained that he didn't think of the danger or of being a hero. He was just angry that someone was putting his children, and countless others, in danger and he did what he felt he had to do to stop it.

As if this story weren't heartwarming enough, Rowley's community  was so moved by his selflessness that they got together and had his truck not only repaired, but upgraded, at no cost to him.

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